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STEFANO “Chef Steff” TEDESCHI’s illustrious career combines an innate sense of gourmet food and robust spirits with his appreciation of fine entertainment and hometown fun. Throughout his career he has appeared in a variety of television and radio programs providing culinary lessons, food and restaurant reviews and a range of entertainment segments. Chef Steff also has strong ties with many professional sports figures and other celebrities who have often joined him on-air. Chef Steff began his culinary career as many fine Italian chefs have for centuries - his first lessons were from his father in the family-run pizza restaurant. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, but quickly returned to his culinary career after his tour of duty. During the 1990s, he determined the best method for becoming a professional chef was to learn from the masters and traveled to Italy to train beneath the finest chefs. After years of study, Chef Steff was named the first American delegate of the L’Orde International des Disciples d’Auguste Escoffier of Nice, France. The Order was founded in the 20th century in honor of legendary French Chef Georges Auguste Escoffier and is dedicated to recognizing and promoting culinary excellence. During these years, Chef Steff opened his first of numerous restaurants and also developed his own gourmet Italian line of food products for which he imports many elements directly from Italy.


Chef Steff has been a frequent featured guest on many national shows such as numerous appearances on Fox's Best Damn Sports Show Period, The Food Network's Food Finds, and most recently ESPN's Monday Night Countdown, and First Take. Chef Steff was also the host of his own regional show, Food and Football with Chef Steff. Chef Steff, christened The Sports Chef by his friends and colleagues due to the fact that he has fed countless athletes, who always come back for more! Now you can join The Sports Chef as he takes you into players homes, showing you how to make the fuel behind their fires. Without food, they can’t compete. The Sports Chef knows exactly what it takes to feed some of the biggest names in sports, and now he will bring that knowledge to you!

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